Pop Culture Wednesday: “Tetris”, the Movie(s)

Happy Wednesday internet! This is Pop Culture Wednesday, the place where any and everything pop culture related is analyzed and critiqued with gusto. Today’s topic is a heavy one , so let’s jump right into it.

Would you believe me if I told you that the classic and phenomenal video game Tetris was being made into a movie? I imagine your reacting would be mix between being upset and confused. Video games being turned into movies is not a new concept, while it has never been an entirely successful one. However, most of those video game movies have narratives that would work in the medium of film, such as Rachet and Clank or Assassin’s Creed. Others, at the very least, are vague or broad enough conceptually that the can be easily molded into a movie, such as Mortal Combat or Street FighterTetris, though, has none of those qualities and exists wholly as an entity that can only be expressed through the medium of video games. So, of course Hollywood is not making a Tetris movie, they are making three of them.


The first entry in the project is currently three years in development, has an eighty million dollar project, and will begin shooting in China shortly. I am not excited for this movie. I generally try to give every film or creative idea the benefit of the doubt, but I anticipate this film to be extremely, extraordinarily, intensely bad. Which I am upset about, not because I have a deep attachment to Tetris, but because it could stall a lot of other films.

Nintendo has recently been making some noise about bringing a few of its properties to the silver screen. This could actually be incredible, as many of the House of Mario’s properties,  Metroid, like Star Fox, and F-Zero, would be a perfect fit for film. There is even an ongoing bidding war over the rights to make a live action Pokemon movie, which is already a franchise that has transcended the video game medium to become a multi-media juggernaut.

However, if the classic game Tetris does poorly in theaters, I could totally see Nintendo no longer wanting to bring their classic franchise to the new medium. Granted, this is mostly speculation on my part; but it would be a shame if awesome movies were not made because of an ill advised bad movie. In summation, video game movies have the potential to be good, despite their track record, but the Tetris trilogy will most likely be bad.

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Pop Culture Wednesday: “Tetris”, the Movie(s)

Pop Culture Wednesday: Truly Titanic

Happy Wednesday! BaddaBing BaddaBlog is back bitches! We died a little bit going into finals week and the month leading up to it, but somebody used a Phoenix Down and now 4B is ready to go for the gravy! Also, I’m about 30 hours into Bravely Second, so expect references like that to become a bit commonplace. In the meantime though, here’s a Pop Culture Wednesday post dedicated to a cartoon that was so kick-ass it had to be cancelled, Teen Titans………..and by extension the infuriating remake/re-imagining thing Teen Titans GO! Before we start, I just want to give a quick shout out to one half of Blair Huggles for inspiring this post. Thanks dude! Alright, let’s do this.


I have said it before and I will say it again, DC does waaaaaaaaaaay better than Marvel when it comes to television. When it comes to movies…….not so much. I’m still marination on everything I want to say about BvS, but you can expect a post about why that movie didn’t work sometime in the near future. Today, though, this post is dedicated to the tragic awesomeness that was Teen Titans.


This cartoon nailed it from the ground up. The basic premise of the program revolves around a team of teenage superheros fighting crime and super villains in a quirky half comic book half anime aesthetic, while repeatedly dealing with and confronting their own weaknesses, short comings, and flaws. The show’s ability to be humerus, heartwarming, and action packed all within a single episode is bar-none and truly a representation of the thematically diverse stories comics can tell.

And then it was cancelled, out of nowhere, on a cliffhanger that involved one of the more interesting characters in the show maybe coming back to life. This cancellation was made, to the best of my knowledge and after a fair bit of research, for literally adequate reason! Cartoon Network execs didn’t like the pitch for the sixth season pitch and decided to cancel it. Apparently the execs didn’t like the direction the show was heading. Which is doubly frustrating considering we got THIS a few years later.


Teen Titans GO!

God damn it all.

This fart joke infused, lowest common denominator of a comedic cartoon is the direction people in power at Cartoon Network wanted the show to head in. This show is not good at all; I suppose it’s passable by modern Cartoon Network standards, but it does not even deserve to be in the shadow of its predecessor. I do not like this show whatsoever; primarily because it gave me hope that the Teen Titans that I knew and loved would be coming back, only to take a colossal dump on it.

To be fair, I am being hyper critical here. The show has actually been pretty upfront about it being a let down to fans of its predecessor and has actually made some clever jokes for fans of DC comics. I’m just upset that when kids think of Teen Titans nowadays, they think of GO! instead of the better version I experienced. Damn, I got old.

Maybe I’m looking at the old show through rose colored glasses, but it really is stellar and a benchmark in DC’s incredible animated catalog. And I suppose that GO! can never really ruin these characters for me (despite it trying unexplained hard to). Sadly life is full of small concessions and I guess the untimely end and reincarnation of Teen Titans is just one of them.

Wow, that’s a bleak way to end, buuuuut here we are. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did please leave a like and/or a comment down below. If you want to stay up to date with 4B, you can subscribe via email in the upper right tab. Alternatively, you can like the official BaddaBing BaddaBlog Facebook page or follow me, @LucasDeRuyter, on Twitter. I hope all of you have an awesome rest of the week and be sure to come back here of Friday for the next installment of Game Grind. I’ma geek out about Overwatch!!!

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Pop Culture Wednesday: Truly Titanic

Pop Culture Wednesday: The Venture Bros. Season 6 Review

Happy Wednesday BaddaBing BaddaBlog readers! This is Pop Culture Wednesday, the place where any and everything related to the world of media is examined with enthusiasm. Today’s subject is one of my favorite television shows of all time (and my absolute favorite on Adult Swim until the advent of Rick and MortyThe Venture Brothers. The sixth season ended earlier this week, which makes this the perfect time to review this gem of a show. Let’s do this!

Venture Bros. 1

While The Venture Bros. just wrapped up its sixth season, it has been on television for much longer than six years. The cartoon premiered in 2003 and, thirteen years later, a lot of fans went into this season concerned that they show may have lost its charm since it first captured our hearts; or since season five ended more than a year ago. We were not disappointed. Season six changed some of the most basic elements of The Venture Bros. while also intensifying some of the program’s best elements.

Venture Bros. 3

This season was far more concerned with chronology than any other. Events built, characters changed, and relationships were adjusted all throughout the season. Which is a really big shift for a show that was originally broadcast out of order by its network. This spanning narrative allowed for a much deeper connection with the main characters to be formed more so than any other season. I felt sincerely happy a lot of the characters who have otherwise had their lives riddled with failure. Dean is going to college, Hank has a girlfriend, Brock is exploring his masculinity and becoming a more fleshed out character, The Monarch has found something that he is good at, and Gary (Henchman 21) has found a friend to replace 24. I am overjoyed that these characters are growing and moving on with their lives.

The Venture Bros Season 6

The biggest criticism I can give this season is also the biggest compliment I can award it, I wish there was more of it. Season six had only eight episodes (and a special that wrapped up the previous season, but that really does not count) which left me with a longing for more Venture Bros. hi-jinks. While I loved the growth in some of the characters, I did notice that a lot of characters I enjoy, such as The Order of the Triad, Johnny Quest, and Dr. Henry Killenger, were absent this season. I love what we got this season, but I really do wish this season had an extra three or four episodes.

The Blue Morpho

Closing Thoughts:

  • The Blue Morpho was easily my favorite element of this season. I also love the fact that The Monarch is immensely better at being a sort-of-good vigilante than an actual super-villain.
  • I wish the writers would just flat out say that Doc. Venture and The Monarch are brothers and Dr. Venture Sr. turned The Monarch’s dad into Vendata. I’m sick of getting cock teased for the past thirteen years.
  • Expanding Gary’s backstory was amazing and I am so glad that they included it.
  • My favorite moment with Dean this season was easily when Brock thought he was possessed.
  • My favorite Hank moment was the entirety of his first date and the lengths he went to, so that his date would see him as what he thought was cool.
  • The best fight this season was easily Think Tank vs Brock.
  • Lastly, Red Death really is a treasure!
Pop Culture Wednesday: The Venture Bros. Season 6 Review

Pop Culture Wednesday: The Extravagant Galavant

Happy Wednesday BaddaBing BaddaBlog readers! This is Pop Culture Wednesday, the place where any and everything in the world of media is eagerly examined and critiqued. Today’s topic is a low budget television show that no one thought would get a second season, not even the writers. However, it easily and quickly proved itself to be a quirky gem and just wrapped up its second incredible season. Today’s post is going to be all about ABC’s original program, Galavant.

Galavant 1

I am not going to spend much time talking about the plot of Galavant because, frankly, it doesn’t really matter. Nobody is watching Galavant for the plot. People watch and love Galavant because of how well it parodies and pokes fun at tropes in the increasingly popular fantasy genre. I would go so far as to say that Galavant’s plot only exists so far as to move the characters into a new fantastic situation that they can make fun of. This is in no way a weakness of the show, however, as Galavant should first and foremost be thought of as a comedy in a fantasy setting that makes fun of those very settings.

Oh! There is also singing. Like, a lot of singing. It’s probably clocking in at around two song and dance routines per episode. These are usually fun and sometimes travel into the territory of being both great and hilarious. My personal favorite number involves Weird Al Yankovic in the first season. I know that singing and dancing may seem a bit out of place in a very meta fantasy comedy, but this series is made by Disney after all. It also helps pad the run time a little bit.

One of the biggest compliments I can give the show is that it is perfectly cast. Every character in Galavant feels incredibly real and natural. It may just be because I’m such a big fan of meta humor and the fantasy genre, but I really suggest that whomever is reading this go watch the program. It’s on Hulu for free and totally worth the time sink.

Still skeptical? Alright, that’s fair. Here’s a litmus test.

Tad Cooper

That is a GIF of a dragon that was purchased by the One King to Unite Them All from a traveling merchant. The King bought the dragon by giving the merchant the most valuable jewel in the entire kingdom. A jewel that was supposed to be used to help his best friend, the titular Galavant, purchase an army so that he could rescue his one true love. That dragon’s name is Tad Cooper. We super believe in him.

If you got even a chuckle out of that last paragraph, you would love Galavant. 

Alright, that just about does it for this installment of Pop Culture Wednesday. Now go watch Galavant! Actually, hold off on that for a second. First, you should like this post or leave a comment if you feel so inclined. You can also subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the upper right tab. Alternatively, you can stay up to date by liking the official BaddaBing BaddaBlog Facebook Page or by following me, @LucasDeRuyter, on Twitter. Alright, now go watch Galavant. Or just go and have a great day, or both!

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Pop Culture Wednesday: The Extravagant Galavant