Manga (And Also Anime) Monday: Lucky Sevens

Happy Monday BaddaBing BaddaBlog readers! This is Manga (And Also Anime) Monday, the place where any and everything anime related is delved into with vigor. Today’s topic is a manga that was first released in 2012, currently has around 150 chapters, and is a series that I totally did not marathon through over the last four days due to winter break boredom. Anyway, here’s why the series The Seven Deadly Sins is awesome.

Seven Deadly Sins 1

The Seven Deadly Sins is an action, adventure, fantasy series created by Nakaba Suzuki. The story follows the exploits of the titular group of knights, The Seven Deadly Sins. More specifically the main protagonists of this story are the captain of The Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas  and the princess of the kingdom that he serves Elizabeth. The story begins with Elizabeth and Meliodas meeting in a tavern that Meliodas owns. It is then revealed to the audience that The Seven Deadly Sins were once the strongest order of knights in the kingdom of Brittana. However, when the captain of the kingdom’s Holy Knights is killed, The Sins are accused of murder and go into hiding. The main story begins ten years after this event. The plot then consists of Meliodas and Elizabeth trying to find the Sins to clear their names and save Elizabeth’s father, the King, who is being held captive by the same Holy Knights that accused the Sins of murder.

The manga more or less follows this plotline for what is currently its entirety. The story also explores the backgrounds of each of the characters in the series. This is one of the series strong points, as each one of the main characters is incredibly unique, interesting, and entertaining. However, the story’s strongest point is easily its world building. The Seven Deadly Sins takes place in a world that is more or less a conglomeration of a wide assortment of fairy tales and epics. This manga has giants, fairies, demons, dragons, magic, and fountains of youth. Characters from other works of fiction even make appearances such as Arthur Pendragon of Camelot and his mentor Merlin.

Seven Deadly Sins 2

The Seven Deadly Sins may not offer a deep commentary on the human condition or any current real world issue, but it is a great story and a refreshing work of fiction. It is incredibly entertaining and attempts to bring the fantasy genre back into a world that is currently being dominated by science fiction. If you are looking for something to read over winter break or just looking to read an epic work of fiction, I cannot recommend The Seven Deadly Sins enough.

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Manga (And Also Anime) Monday: Lucky Sevens

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