Politics, Politalks: Bye, Bye Boehner

Happy Sunday BaddaBing BaddaBlog readers! This is Politics, Politalks the placer where everything political is examined and discussed. As always, any views or opinions I express here are solely my own and should not be viewed as a representation of any other organization I may be, previously was, or currently am affiliated with. With that out of the way, here we go!!!

This week the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, announced that he will be resigning from his position in October.This announcement came shortly after the Pope delivered a speech to congress and also privately spoke with Boehner. I personally believe that the Pope convinced Boehner to resign out, but that’s just me speculating.

John Boehner, as a very public political figure with more power than the average politician, was of course a figure of controversy. He was fairly criticized by the left, but was appreciated by the right. However, he fell out of favor with the extreme conservatives who are becoming a larger part of the Republican party. In fact, when Rep. Boehner announced his intent to resign, he sited the recent difficulty in trying to pass a government funding bill as a primary cause. Many very conservative Republicans refused to sign any funding bill that allotted any funds to planned parenthood and were willing to shut down the government if their demands were not met.

As Rep. Boehner is on the precipice of stepping down,  many are speculating who his replacement will be. Many people believe that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California will be elected to fill the role. Rep. McCarthy’s views more closely fall in between the positions taken by many conservatives and extreme conservatives that comprise the Republican party. Rep. McCarthy has previously pledged to not pass any legislation that raises taxes in an effort to combat climate change and has taken a hard line stance against abortion. While Rep. Boehner could by no means be called a “middle of the road politician” this is even less applicable to Rep. McCarthy.

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BaddaBing, BaddaBye

Politics, Politalks: Bye, Bye Boehner

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