Game Grind: V Has Come

Happy Saturday everyone! This is BaddaBing BaddaBlog’s Game Grind, the place where we talk about the ins and outs of the gaming industry and how they affect you. Well, usually this article is about that, but today it’s not. Why, you ask? BECAUSE METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN!!! That’s why. I am about 10 hours into the game and here are some of my thoughts on Kojima’s latest work. Bear in mind that I am a Metal Gear fanboy and therefore, my view is a bit biased.

mgs v

This game is a masterpiece. It looks amazing, sounds amazing, and is incredibly fun to play. It takes the stealth action genre of video games to a whole new level by giving players an unprecedented amount of freedom. Any of the games objectives or missions can be completed in whatever fashion the player finds most comfortable. I would go into detail describing the various was to play this game, but I cannot because it really does seem like there is a boundless amount of freedom and player choice.

The story of the game is as complex and over the top as any Metal Gear Solid game, but this time it presents the narrative in a way that allows new players to hop onto the game while knowing little to nothing about the previous titles. The Phantom Pain presents most of its story through cassette tapes, which players do not necessarily have to listen to. As I said earlier, I have yet to beat the game so I cannot really give a valid opinion or summary of the games narrative, but so far I’m digging it.

A large side portion of MGS V is rebuilding your main base of operations, Mother Base. This is basically a toned down version of sim city or roller coaster tycoon, but just like those games it is addicting as hell. You can even build a zoo and fill it with animals you Fulton out of the battle field! Oh yeah, the main way you get more troops to expand your base is by knocking out or stunning enemies, strapping a giant balloon, or Fulton, to them, and then brainwashing them to work for you. The Fulton is essentially a pokeball for for people, sometimes animals, but mostly people.

diamond dog

One of my favorite moments of the game so far was when I stumbled upon a bear in the middle of a mission. I shot it with a clip worth of tranquilizers and, after nearly mauling me to death, the beast fell asleep. I then strapped a balloon to its foot and watched it fly away into the knight sky and eventually be picked up by my buddies in a helicopter. I also really like any of the parts that involved Diamond Dog. You can extract a puppy out of the battlefield in this game, watch it slowly grow into a dog, and then take him on missions with you. That process was both stupid adorable and badass. I also enjoyed the boss battle against the sniper, Quiet. I’ve yet to get to the part where she can join me in combat, but I eagerly await that moment.

Know it is time for some criticisms. While I have said that this game is a masterpiece and that it has been receiving perfect scores from multiple reviewers, that does not mean that it does not have a couple faults. Video games are art, and, just like in art, perfection is impossible. My first criticism of The Phantom Pain is that its menus are sometimes clunky and hard to navigate. Another issue I have with the game is that it seems like the female sniper, Quiet, is the only major female character in the game. The game’s setting does favor having more male characters, but this is still kind of disappointing. There are also many people who have found fault with Quiet’s overly sexual appearance, but I personally do not have much of a problem with it. The Metal Gear series has a history of sexualizing both male and female characters. In one of the games the main male character literally runs around naked for half an hour. I would also argue that the Metal Gear series does a good job portraying women with some form of femininity or another and making them strong female characters. To me this shows that women can both be feminine and badass.

In conclusion, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a masterpiece and you should go play it. Seriously, stop reading this and go and buy it. This game is as good as what people are saying and better. It is truly a masterpiece and will undoubtedly define this generation of gaming.

Aaaaaand after you’re done buying this game, come back here and like this post and leave a comment. You can also subscribe to this blog via the right side tab. You can also head over to the BaddaBing BaddaBlog Facebook Page or maybe follow me on Twitter, I’m @LucasDeRuyter. Have a great weekend guys, I know I will.

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Game Grind: V Has Come

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