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Happy weekend readers! Here’s some video game news to give you something think about doing in the future as you try to max out your character’s skill tree in Skyrim for the fourth time. This is Game Grind.

Pokémon Fighting Game Coming to Wii U in 2016


It was announced at the Pokémon World Championship this weekend that the previously Japan arcade exclusive Pokken Tournament, will be heading to Wii U consoles worldwide in Spring 2016. This game will depict the Pokémon universe as it never has before, as it will feature the pocket monsters fighting each other in a manner akin to Street Fighter or Mortal Combat. Appropriately, this game will allow Pikachu, the Pokémon franchise’s mascot, to dress up in a lucha libre costume.

I personally think that bringing Pokken Tournament to the Wii U was a brilliant decision on Nintendo’s part. A Pokémon fighting game has been a dream shared by many Pokémon fans for a LONG time. With the exception of some fan made games, this is that dream come to fruition. Also, LOOK AT PIKACHU LIBRE!!!!  He’s so adorable I want to pinch his cheeks until I’m electrocuted to death! If this game is handled and advertised correctly, Nintendo is about to sell a lot more Wii Us.

More on Pokken Tournament here, and here.

FF7 Out On iOS


Final Fantasy 7, arguably the most beloved and greatest Final Fantasy game (yes it is, shut-up six-ers!), has been released on iOS devices. This version is based off of the PC port of the game and has been adjusted slightly to work on touch screen devices. The game also has two new features which allows players to turn off random enemy encounters and instantly raise the playable characters to their maximum level. If you want to experience this gem of a game again, or for the first time, on Apple devices, it’ll set you back about 16 dollars.

I’m excited that this masterpiece is being rereleased and being made available for more people to play it. This game is, at the very least, the second greatest game to be released on the original PlayStation and is considered revolutionary in the JRPG genre for it’s amazing story and (for the time) beautiful graphics. For those of you who didn’t know, a remake of the game is in the works for the current generation of consoles. When this was announced I, and every other fan, was temporarily reduced to an emotional puddle. I may just buy this rerelease, just to tide me over until the remake is released.

More on FF7 rerelease

Bonus, Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer:

Super Mario Maker

On of the fall games that people are most excited for is Super Mario Maker. This game adds a twist to the traditional Mario formula by allowing players to create their own Mario levels and allow other people all over the world to play it. This, of course, can get pretty crazy; as seen in the game’s trailer.

While Nintendo will be releasing some of their own levels, most people are looking foreword to the ridiculously challenging levels that other players are inevitably going to create. This game is also a “Let’s Player’s” dream (hopefully Nintendo loosens their strict rules regarding this entertainment medium). It’s already obvious that this is going to be a great game and I cannot wait for the 11th.

Super Mario Maker Info.

Nintendo Movies?

On of Nintendo’s heads and legendary game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, recently stated in an interview that the gaming giant may become more open to having some of their works adapted to films. This is surprising considering that Nintendo has always been extremely protective of all of their IPs. Nintendo has only ever turned one of their games into a movie one time and, well……. You know what? You don’t need my opinion on this one, here’s the trailer and you can infer for yourself information about the quality of the movie.

I personally am excited by this information. If done well, Nintendo movies could be awesome! This news also adds some validity to the rumor that Nintendo is looking to make a live action, Legend of Zelda, Netflix series. While it is entirely possible that these ventures could be awful, I feel that so long as Nintendo is involved and directors and actors who are familiar with the source material are hired, these films and series could be pretty good.

More on Nintendo’s interest in film adaptations

Xbox One Hype

Microsoft’s Xbox One has been in the news recently due to changes coming to the console. These changes include: backwards playing capability for certain Xbox 360 games, the rerelease of older titles on the Xbox One, and the ability to cross play and cross buy with PC’s that are running on Windows 10. Microsoft believes that these additions, as well as a variety of Xbox only titles, has made the Xbox One superior to the PlayStation 4. It is clear that Microsoft aims to win the Console Wars with these improvements.

Personally, I don’t think that these announcements are going to dethrone Sony’s PlayStation 4. Granted I own a PlayStation 4 and am biased, but I believe that Microsoft is too far behind to catch up to Sony’s console. The biggest mistake Microsoft made, besides pushing the Kinect so hard, was not having any of these features available to the Xbox One when it was released. Backwards compatibility is a quality that gamers adore about video game consoles and that probably would have swayed gamers to pick up Microsoft’s Xbox. However, this feature is coming far too late. Everybody who is passionate about video games already has a current gen console by now, and backwards compatibility isn’t as big a deal to casual video game players. The second thing that is going to keep Microsoft from doing better than Sony is, pretty much all of Asia. The Xbox One is selling HORRIABLY in Asian markets. While Sony is winning everywhere, it’s at least slightly close in the U.S. and Europe. In Japan and other Asian countries, the PlayStation 4 and Wii U easily dwarf anything with a Microsoft logo. Sorry Microsoft, maybe things will go better with the Xbox 720 (which should have been the name of the Xbox One to begin with).

More on Microsoft’s Xbox One hype

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Game Grind

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