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Happy Friday readers! Soon we shall escape the surly bonds of the work week and gaze upon the majesty of the weekend. Aaaaaaand if you happen to be bumming around with your mates anytime during the weekend, here’s some stuff you can talk about to seem knowledgeable and escape crippling awkward silences.

Disney is Making a Star Wars Land

At the Walt Disney company’s D23 expo. (which I think is also the name of a K-pop group and a Rap group), it was announced that a Star Wars theme park is going to be added to both California’s Disney Land and Florida’s Disney World. Construction will begin in 2017 in California, but no date has been given for Florida, yet. These parks will be 14 acres in size, making them the largest single “park” in either collection of parks. It has also been stated that Disney wants to make the new park as “realistic” as possible, by having all employees where universe appropriate costumes at all times.

If I go missing for like a week at any point after this park has been constructed, this is where I’m going to be. I’m going to spend the next 2 – 3 years meticulously crafting the most realistic Chewbacca costume ever created, and I’m going to spend an entire week reveling in this new park’s glory. I don’t even care that I’m probably going to die of heat stroke or dehydration! 8 year old me would totally kick my ass if he found out that there was a Star Wars theme park and I didn’t go there within its first week of opening.

Click here for more info. on the D23 expo.

North Korea Attacks South Korea

North Korea has lunched artillery at South Korean loudspeakers that were broadcasting messages that were critical of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. No South Korean’s were injured in the attack, although several individuals were evacuated from the area, but have since returned. It is also being reported that Kim Jong-un is ordering soldiers to enter into front line attack positions.

It is extremely likely that nothing is going to come out this development.  North Korea has been has been making attacks like this and has making threats of invasion, pretty much sense North Korea became a country. It is the nation state of someone who is WAY too drunk at a party. They mouth off that they are hot shit, but everyone knows that they aren’t every going to do any of the things that they say they are going to. Then they flash a gang sign to a random black guy, and their best friend China is finally fed up with N. Korea, and is like “Alright man, that’s it. You’re on your own.”

Click here for more news on N. Korea

Tinder vs. Vanity Fair

The magazine Vanity Fair has recently taken shots at the dating app, Tinder, by writing an “expose” detailing how Tinder has ruined that dating scene for women. The article claims that the app allows men to take advantage of women more easily by claiming to want relationships, when in reality they only want one night stands. It was also reported by the author of the piece on twitter that (30%) of all Tinder users who claim to be single, are in fact married.

Tinder responded to this article and its author’s tweet with a series of tweets of their own. While Tinder’s tweets are fiery, they essentially state that the survey Vanity Fair conducted in their article is a misrepresentation of Tinder users, that those who lie about their relationship status on Tinder are a much smaller minority than what Vanity Fair claimed, and that Tinder has helped many individuals find meaningful relationships. It culminates with Tinder claiming that the article was written from a biased perspective, which is actually a pretty big insult in the world of journalism.

Total disclosure, I have a Tinder profile. I’ve used it, I’ve messaged people who swiped right on my profile, and I’ve meet with a few of those women in real life. Are there crazy and morally deplorable people on the the app? Yeah, but there are shitty people everywhere. Tinder isn’t inherently bad, but just like any other platform that people can use to present themselves to others, people are going to lie on it and abuse it.

Click here to learn more about the Tinder/Vanity Fair feud

Posh Pumpkin Spice

 Starbucks has recently announced that it is going to change the recipe for its popular Pumpkin Spice Latte drink, to include actual pumpkin. This announcement has been met positively by individuals who feel that food should actually contain what it is named after. However, the news has been negatively received by some people who deeply enjoy the drink in its current incarnation and by some vegans who enjoy the drink as the new recipe introduces condensed skim milk.

I don’t really care about this story. I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts man. Really the only reason I’m including this story is because I find it slightly funny that this qualifies as “news” and because I wanted to give you, the reader, the power to potentially ruin the day of a basic girl or guy that you dislike

More info. on the Starbucks changes

Ashley Madison Leak 

Recently hackers stole user information from the affair website Ashley Madison. This information ranges from users name and address as well as their credit card information. The hackers offered not to release the information if Ashley Madison’s parent company shut down the site, but the company declined and this week the hackers released the information. Currently the website’s owners are claiming that the information that has been released is false, but it is becoming increasingly evident that this information is real.

This event has actually caused quite a bit of controversy. On the one hand, people who secretly cheat on their significant other are terrible people, but, on the other hand, the releasing of private personal information is widely frowned upon in this growing digital age. That’s actually a great topic to bring into the comment section down below. Do you guys think that the hackers did a good thing, or do you think that they are in the wrong?

Ashley Madison Hack

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News for the Mighty, News of the Week

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