Game Grind: Covering “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV”

Happy Saturday BaddaBing BaddaBlog readers! Was your week epic? If it wasn’t, don’t worry, your reading of this post is already gearing you up for an incredibly epic weekend. This is Game Grind! The place where anything related to the wonderful world of video games is covered with the vigor and diligence. Today’s topic relates to an event hosted by the video game company Square Enix called Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV. This event raveled a wealth of information about the highly anticipated game Final Fantasy XV. In this post I will go over some of the biggest take anyways from the event and outline why this information is important. With that said, let’s talk about the next entry in Final Fantasy’s incredible catalog of games.

Final Fantasy 15

The single biggest piece of news from this event is that we finally have a release date for Final Fantasy XV. The game will be released on September 30th, 2016. Well that may still be a ways off, it is incredibly reassuring to have a definitive release date considering that this game has been in production for over seven years. They cynical part of may brain acknowledges that their is a chance it may be pushed back, as is a trend in the video game industry nowadays, but I think that Square Enix is going to be on that ball for this release. They’ve had more than enough time to prepare, after all.

Final Fantasy XV 1

Other surprising news to come out of this event is that it seems like Square Enix wants to turn the XV property into a multimedia sensation. Both a movie and an anime that expand upon the games world and characters have been announced. The anime, which has already had its first episode released and is available on the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube Channel, and focuses on the main characters “bro-ad trip”. The movie will focus Noctis’ father during the events of the game. The trailer looks pretty good, with the CG animation being the high point. Some big Hollywood names are also tied to the film, with Sean Bean being the most noteworthy as the voice of Noctis’ father. Sadly, none of the actor’s will voice the characters in the game. This is understandable, as they would be crazy expensive, but still disappointing. It is also unclear how long the movie will actually be, but, considering that the first anime tie in episode was only twelve minutes long, the movie will probably be under the two hour mark.

Final Fantasy XV 2

The last big piece of information to come out of the Uncovered event is that a demo of the upcoming game is now available for free on the PlayStation Store.  The demo is titled Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV and is pretty good for a free demo. A single play-through is between thirty minutes to an hour and the demo mostly focuses on depicting the games beautiful graphics and establishing the main character, Noctis, a bit. Players are also introduced to the Rabbit/Unicorn/Cat/Fox creature depicted above, and its just…….adorable incarnate. Square has promised that our adorable companion will be in the main game, which I am greatly excited about.

All and all this event was a good one that gave some much needed information about Square Enix’s next big title. It really seems like they’re banking on this game being a success, and I personally hope that it is. I love the Final Fantasy series of games and I lament the fact that the last few entries have been indisputably sub-par. I love Square Enix’s game Bravely Default game, but it is kind of a shame that Bravely Default is the best Final Fantasy game to come out in close to a decade. I really hope that FFXV is a return to form for the franchise.

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Game Grind: Covering “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV”