Game Grind: eSports eXplained

Happy Saturday BaddaBing BaddaBlog readers! This is Game Grind the place where we dive into the vast and interesting world of the video game industry and culture. Today we’re going to be talking about eSports.


eSports, or Electronic Sports, are exactly what they sound like, video games that are played with a level of skill and dedication that is comparable to sport. The most popular of these video games played as sport are: League of Legends, DOTA, Call of Duty, and Super Smash Brothers Melee. Although, Super Smash Bros. 4 is gaining popularity rapidly. eSports can be huge competitions drawing in thousands, if not millions, of fans, and have colossal cash prizes. The grand prize for the most recent League of Legends tournament was one million dollars to the winning team, not counting any sponsorship or endorsement deals.

For all intensive purposes, eSports are basically sports. There are multiple leagues and organizational structures for each game just like any other sport. Players make a living off of competition and undergo grueling practices just like any other sport. eSports have extremely dedicated fans and to many people their die hard attitude seems strange…..just like any other sport.

I believe that eSports are becoming more popular because video games and an appreciation for how difficult video games can bee is becoming more prevalent in mainstream culture. Why do people like and watch sports so much? Well, chances are they have played the sport at some point in their life and they realize how difficult it is to play the game at the capacity that those professionals are playing it. The reason some people do not like eSports is the same reason why some people do not like regular sports, they really do not have an appreciation for what they are watching.

The fans for various eSports is a little different than other sports however. Most people are fans of sports teams because of where they are from or where they grew up, in eSports a lot of people are fans of certain players or teams because of the characters they use. Allow me to explain. I play Super Smash Bros., the character I use most of the time, refereed to as a “main”, is Pikachu. Therefore, anyone who also uses Pikachu as their main I will support in competitions and anytime someone who uses Pikachu wins I’m happy. Is it illogical, yes it is. Just like any other devotion to a sports team.

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Game Grind: eSports eXplained

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