News for the Mighty, News of the Week: Bummed Out

Happy Friday BaddaBing BaddaBlog readers! This is News for the Mighty, News of the Week! The place where you can learn everything you need to know to seem informed and knowledgeable to your friends and family when you see them over the weekend. Here we go!

Damn It  Call of Duty


The video game franchise Call of Duty is undoubtedly, if not regrettably, one of the biggest and most popular franchises in the video game industry. They have a new game coming out in 2016, Call of Duty: Black Ops. 3. In order to advertise and get people excited for this new entry into the series, the Call of Duty twitter account changed their profile to make it seem as though it were a news outlet and “reported” that a terrorist attack had occurred in Singapore. A few hours later, they changed their account back so that it obviously represented the Call of Duty franchise and tweeted that those tweets were potential glimpses into the future where Black Ops. 3 takes place.

I’m not going to harp too much on this issue, because that’s what Call of Duty wants. They want this to be a controversial advertisement so that they get a bunch of free word of mouth advertising. In order to prevent this I’ll only say the following: not cool Call of Duty. I can tolerate you guys being on the top of the video game market, but don’t be oblivious dicks about it. Thanks to you discourse regarding video games is reverting back to that of the 90s and you are almost single handedly making people like Jack Tompson relevant again. Great job *slow clap*.

Oregon Community College Shooting 

Yesterday at Oregon Umpqua community college a man killed seven individuals with a firearm and wounded seven others. The shooter was confronted by police and was killed by them. There are several rumors circulating currently regarding the shooting, with the most prevalent ones being that the shooter was encouraged by individuals on social media websites to commit the atrocity and that the shooter specifically targeted Christians. I desperately hope that those that were wounded are able to make a complete recovery and I give my complete support and condolences to the families who lost loved ones.

This is the second mass shooting in only a few months and I beg politicians and lawmakers to reform our country’s firearm laws.

Click here for more information on this story.

That just about does it for this week’s News for the Mighty, News of the Week. Sorry, I know it was kind of a bummer, but that’s life sometime. I’ll try to make tomorrows post a little lighter. As always, you can subscribe in the upper right tab via email and be sure to check out the 4B Facebook Page, and my twitter account, @LucasDeRuyter. Have a great weekend everybody.

BaddaBing BaddaBye

News for the Mighty, News of the Week: Bummed Out

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