Game Grind: What’s Happening

Happy Saturday BaddaBing BaddaBlog readers! This is Game Grind, the place where various aspects of the video game industry, culture, and art form are examined and discussed. For whatever reason it seems as though there is a lot of news about various titles and properties coming out. Here’s the most interesting of that news.

Pokemon Stuffs!!!


It’s no surprise to anyone that Nintendo and Game Freak are making a third version for the generation 6 games. This has been their business strategy for, well basically forever. While no one is positive what form that next installment will take, it could be called Pokemon Z, Pokemon X2 and Y2, or it could be something totally unexpected, this week the next game was more or less confirmed. That snake looking thing at the beginning of this writing is Zygarde, he’s a legendary that did not receive much love in the previous X and Y games. However, it was recently announced that Zygarde will be receiving 5 new forms and that the next season of the (still ongoing) Pokemon anime will be changed to Pokemon X, Y and Z. So, yeah, not really a giant shock, but the next Pokemon game is soft-confirmed and this guy is probably going to have a big role in it. As for a release date, there’s no information on that yet, but I would bet that it would come out next summer as that would coincide with a Pokemon movie that is supposed to feature Zygarde.

Click Here for more Poke-news

Can You Dig It!!?


Shovel Knight, one of the best video games to be released last year, has received its first FREE DLC. This DLC, Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, allows players to take the mantle of Plague Knight, a fan favorite boss from the previous game. The developers of this series, Yacht Club Games, has promised that this will be both a new and unique experience, while also building upon the world and characters featured in the previous game. I know that I am going to play this game, and you probably should too. If you have not played the original Shovel Knight, fix that right now. Seriously, start up whatever gaming console you have, go to the online store, and buy it. The become enthralled with it for a few days and once you finally beat it, come back here and leave a comment saying how right I was.

Unearth more Shovel Knight Info. right here

Konami Cuts Out

The Video Game publisher and developer Konami has decided to stop the production of all of its AAA games, with the exception of the Pro-Evolution Soccer series. Why? Because Knoami sucks. They are terrible to their employees, machiavellian in their business ventures, and have abused some of their best creative properties. Good-bye Metal Gear, good-bye Contra, good-bye Castlevania, and good-bye Silent Hills. I’ll miss you.

XV’th Times the Charm


Square Enix has released some new information about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game. It is some pretty general stuff, but there will only be more information being released as the games release draws closer. FFXV was confirmed for a 2016 release, but an exact date has not been given yet. I’ve played this game’s incredible demo and, while I always knew I was going to buy it, I am now extremely excited for the full game to launch.

Also, for anyone who is a Final Fantasy fan and reading this, here are a summary of my views of the series. The first one I played was VII, which is far and away the best one. X is overrated, XII should never have gotten those sequels, and  IV is the oldest game I’ve played in the series. I do not think IV stands the test of time, especially on the DS version, but I can see how it was so well received when it came out. Also I’ve committed the cardinal sin of never playing Final Fantasy VI, come at me.

More Fantastic Final Fantasy Info. right here.

Those are some of the biggest video game news stories to come out of this week. Thank you so much for reading and be sure to leave a like and a comment down below. You can also subscribe to this blog via the right side drop-down tab, you just have to enter your email. Also, BaddaBing BaddBlog has a Facebook Page, because we’re awesome. Also, be sure to check me out on Twitter, also because of awesomeness; I’m @LucasDeRuyter. Enjoy your Saturday everybody.

BaddaBing, BaddaBye

Game Grind: What’s Happening

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