Politics, Politalks

Happy Sunday BaddaBing BaddaBlog readers! As your weekend and summer come to a close, take a minute to enjoy the little things like the beautiful weather, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the latest installment of Politics, Politalks. As always, any opinions I write here are entirely my own and should in no way be thought of as a representation of the views of any parties I have been, currently am, or will be associated with. With that in mind, lets talk politics.

You know who I hate? White supremacists. You know who I also hate? Donald Trump. Thankfully the Grand Wizard of the KKK has made it easier for me to hate them both simultaneously as the KKK has endorsed Trump’s run for president. Trump publicly rejected the Clan’s endorsement, but the damage is already done. A group of people that hold views that cause them to be hated by basically all of America believes that Trump is doing a good job and should be elected president. I look foreword to seeing people on Fox News try to explain how Trump still isn’t racist, even after the KKK saying that he’s aces.

Speaking of Fox News, I dislike them as well. I feel that way about them for many reasons: they are anything but fair and balanced, they straight up lie to people, and that they are sometime unintentionally raciest/ sometimes intentionally racist. When the Straight Outta Compton premiered Fox News reported that thousands across the country were lining up to see it and that surprisingly no fights or riots had broken out. However, what upsets me the most about the news company is that they have created an environment where you either agree with them, or you are wrong. I have talked to (well, been talked at) by many conservatives who regularly watch Fox News and it seems like they think that any news outlet besides Fox News is either wrong or propagating the liberal agenda. I know several people who think that the internet, the freest medium to express opinions, is run by liberals. This situation makes it basically impossible to  have any kind of discussion because any source other than Fox News has become devalued in their eyes. I would actually be kind of impressed that Fox News has gotten so many people to drink their Kool-aid if I was not so upset by the situation.

Alright, that pretty much raps up what everything I wanted to say about these topics. Thanks for letting me vent guys. I promise that Monday will be a bit more jovial. If you did enjoy my rant be sure to like the post and leave a comment, but only if you are down with that. Also maybe head on over to the BaddaBing BaddaBlog Facebook Page and do the stuff over there. You could also follow me on Twitter, I’m @LucasDeRuyter, but only if you enjoy my musings in 140 characters or less. You can also subscribe to BaddaBing BaddaBlog via email by clicking on the tab on the upper right of the screen. See y’all Monday.

BaddaBing, BaddaBye

Politics, Politalks

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