Second Post Ever! And The Future Posting Schedule

Happy Thursday people on the internet! Today I’m going to be talking about some housekeeping, outing what kind of content can be expected from BaddaBing BaddaBlog, and I’m going to be making some promises that I’m inevitably going to break. With that in mind, here we go with the second ever BaddaBing BaddaBlog post! Trust me when I say that in between typing this my arms are flailing in the air in a fashion similar to Kermit the Frog out of sheer excitement.

Alright, housekeeping, currently I’m working on several ways to improve BaddaBing BaddaBlog that will get it up to the level of quality that I desire. I’m still working on figuring out WordPress’s formatting and editing options. This is one of those things where the more I use the site, the better I will get at using it. For example, apparently I can add photos, videos, and sound bits to my posts. Expect plenty of video clips or pics. in future posts that will be used to embellish whatever point I’m making, or they may be used for comedic effect; sometimes both!

Some other things that I’ll be doing around the blog to spruce thins up are creating a logo for the blog and creating an email account for the blog so that readers can reach out to me more easily. I’ve also created a Facebook page for BaddaBing BaddaBlog, so that readers have more space to communicate and discuss what was posted and because that seemed like the professional thing to do, which is another attempt at me trying to further legitimize my hobby to my friends and family. If you want to go to that page and maybe follow it, no pressure, but come on, you seriously won’t regret it click right here.

Next up is the posting schedule. After narrowing down some of my interests and keeping in mind what would best appeal to blog readers I’ve decided to write about the following topics on the corresponding days:

Monday = Manga/Anime

Wednesday = Pop Culture (usually of a nerdy, or in my opinion awesome, variety)

Friday = News (anything that I feel is interesting or relevant that happened during the week)

Saturday = Video Games

Sunday = Politics (political events not coved in Friday’s News post)

Of course there will also be some random posts thrown in there that will relate to whatever I happen to be pondering or musing. You can expect each post to be more or less an opinionated summary of what has been happening in each field recently, but there will also occasionally be reflections of what has been going on in each industry on a larger scale or my feelings about one specific person, item, or issue. Either way, it’s sure to be an entertaining (and maybe even enlightening) read regardless of what is focused on.

Now for the breaking of promises. I’m going to put a considerable amount of time and effort into making this blog awesome. While I my be a blogger newb, I know that that means posting up to date content on a regular schedule. However, shit happens. As my life changes I’m going to be able to post less or more frequently depending on what’s going on. I’d like to make this blog a major priority in my life and have the aforementioned schedule be a rigid one, but that’s just not going to be practical all of the time. So this is me apologizing in advance for inevitably missing some posts. I will my best to try to let readers know ahead of time if a post won’t be coming out and amend the post schedule accordingly as my life changes.

Alright, with that somewhat dreary thought out of the way, that’s all I’ve got to say for now. You can expect a news of the week post sometime tomorrow and regular posts after that. Thanks so much for reading and have a kickass Thursday.

Second Post Ever! And The Future Posting Schedule

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